I gotta say, I do, but I love the version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” from Across the Universe.  Somehow in that recording I realized what a completely beautiful and complex song it is.  

In fact, by and large I’m kind of in love with the Across the Universe soundtrack.  While the movie wasn’t perfect, a few of the images associated with some of the songs continue to rattle around in my head and define the song for me.  Like “I Want You” and “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”
“One Mad Day” opened tonight, and I thought that it went really pretty well.  Aside from a few muffed sound cues and so on everyone did a lovely job.  I just… wish that Bill had edited the script one last time.  I know that I’m a snot-nosed kid that doesn’t have any previous experience with this, but I felt like he had fallen too in love with the script to see the plot holes that he glossed over.  A few motivational/ plot points only really made sense if you were already familiar with the work if you thought about what was strictly said and shown; I thought one of the instrumental sub-plots was tacked on kind of shoddily, not keeping in with the logic of the greater narrative.  People react certain ways, certain things happen not because it really makes sense but because it’s necessary for the next plot point.  While the production wasn’t what I would have done with it were I (ha) in charge, I’m not that qualified to judge it; I like to believe that I have a certain amount of skill in narrative structure, and so that’s what I would have changed.
Talked to the Hum 120 students about it today and wondered about how much of a nerd I must have sounded.  My research had been pretty thorough even if I wasn’t able to use the majority of it in either my program notes or display, and so I appreciated the opportunity to mention things that I had noticed in the original work that did not exist in “One Mad Day,” simply because it focused on different things.  I enjoy and appreciate “One Mad Day,” but I think that I would have been more comfortable – and maybe more useful – for a different adaptation.  Jac wanted me to find my “inner Bugs Bunny;” if I have an inner Looney Tunes character it’s probably a lot closer to Daffy Duck – stressed, harried, caustic, prone to failure and sarcasm.  Then someone asked me about what dramaturgy was and I went off about it and tried to keep it short enough so that their eyes wouldn’t glaze over, but why answer a question at all if you aren’t going to do it properly?  I care about conveying information correctly too much sometimes; what I’m saying generally isn’t important enough for people to understand every nuance of meaning.  But I do like to talk about what I find interesting, because honestly there’s so much that’s interesting and important in the world that people don’t think about simply because you have to take time to know them.  I just hope that other people want to listen to me, or at all.  

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