change of plans

deadline for IMF has been extended to this Friday.  Let’s see if I can make this happen.

Wish me luck?  or better yet, concentration.

a little battle won

Managed to finish a project that I had wanted to do for a while – adapt Gabriel García Márquez’s short story “The Woman Who Came At Six O’Clock” into a short play.  Bought a collection of his short stories while I was in Darjeeling and spent so much of my time in India reading and rereading that book.  Took it with me when I went to the hospital.  But I read this story and as it is it is practically a play already.  Found a copy of the original in Spanish and did my own translation of it.  So that’s done – if you’re interested in reading drop me a line.

One other story from that collection, it comes right after “six o’clock,” is “Eyes of a Blue Dog.”  It’s a dream play, a couple how can meet only in dreams, and the woman writes the phrase ‘eyes of a blue dog’ on every surface in the waking world in hopes that they will find each other, but whenever he wakes he cannot remember anything at all.  surreal and repeating and beautiful, dialogue and situation are so simple and natural – but it wouldn’t work as a play even though the script is already perfectly there, because you have to play with time and connection and image in a way that requires editing, the mixing of messages that’s possible only in film.  if i ever direct a short film i want it to be of this story.
so at least that’s something.  ‘in itself’ is at least half-written in rough draft; read over some of it today and the opening scene is crap, it feels like.  going to have to throw in more action sooner, less introduction.  at least i know more or less how the first act works… i know how the second act starts, have an idea for how it ends, not how those two connect.
maybe this is going to be longer than i thought.
edit: wow ok restructuring ‘in itself’ significantly, or at least planned more things out – i know for a fact now that i will not get this done by the end of the semester, so i can stop putting quite as much time into it before finals week.  this is going to take a while.  i’ve done a lot but there’s a lot more to do, many many many more drafts until it is done.  unfortunately i think i’m going to have to drop georges de la tour; there just isn’t room for a painter in this play.  maybe that’s for another project dealing with the relationship between iconography/the creation of art – who is the subject, the model or the character the model is being framed as representing?  
i like the idea of theater based on other works.  maybe because i’m too lazy to think up of a plot entirely by myself, i just like cutting and pasting and exploring things that already exist.  there’s so much already out there…
but we’ll see.

louise erdrich, "jacklight"

“The Woods”

At one time your touches were clothing enough.
Within these trees now I am different.
Now I wear the woods.

I lower a headdress of bent sticks and secure it.
I strap to myself a breastplate of clawed, roped bark.
I fit the broad leaves of sugar maples
to my hands, like mittens of blood.

Now when I say come,
and you enter the woods,
hunting some creature like the woman I was,
I surround you.

Light bleeds from the clearing. Roots rise.
Fluted molds burn blue in the falling light,
and you also know
the loneliness that you taught me with your body.

When you lay down in the grave of a slashed tree,
I cover you, as I always did;
this time you do not leave.

sad story

So the play I am working on will not be produced for IMF next semester because the due date is tomorrow and I am not finished, and will not be able to finish it to my satisfaction by 5pm. Which is annoying, because I had asked months ago for the due date and only found out what it was this last weekend (and not from the person I had originally asked). Serves me right for not being on the theater mailing list… although I had asked the person in charge of that months ago to put me on the listserv (it still has not happened). Is there a theme here?

Ugh, not as bitter as that might come across, but I am a little frustrated, especially with myself. I’d say that I wish I had more time to put into this… what I’d mean though is I wish that I had more focus. I’ve gotten a lot more writing done on this project than I have on any other so far, and I’ve spent a lot of time researching, rewriting, puzzling it out in my head, which I think is a necessary part of my process. But I’ve been letting distractions get in the way of actually writing – watching TV/movies while working on it, usually having smoked beforehand, or just getting distracted with the internet, more specifically mooning around on Facebook chat and hoping any of my (extremely nebulous) romantic interests will talk to me, which even I know is incredibly stupid. But somehow the thoughts you know are stupid are the most tenacious.

Oh well. I’ll do my best to get this play done by the end of the semester.

I don’t know if I can be a real writer.