the lineage

somehow, very unexpectedly, almost inperceptibly, i have become a theater kid.

i know the steps of how it happened, but i still don’t quite understand.  i’ve always looked upon ‘the theater kids’ as a social group which, while not without its problems and dramas by any means, was both cool and largely inaccessible except through friends; i hung out with some of them sometimes because my friends from freshman year got involved in theater and knew them.  friends by proxy, if that makes sense.  guilty by association.
but then i had to fill my fine arts core, and i decided to take it with one of my favorite professors, geoff proehl, and he happened to be teaching ‘the theatrical experience.’  so i got even more caught up in the psychology of theater than i had in my brief introduction through the humanities program.  and then when it came time to sign up for courses, i was reluctant to take ‘introduction to poetry’ because so many of the intro-level creative writing teachers are iffy, and playwriting filled the same requisite…
and then at the beginning of the summer geoff emailed me saying that he was going to to teach the dramaturgy course, and that it would probably be the last chance to take it before graduation, and i couldn’t refuse an invitation like that…
and then i realized that i loved writing words for people to say, and i wrote the first draft of ataraxia…
and then i loved the dramaturgy class, writing, collaborating, acting…
and then i emailed geoff and asked if there was anything i could do to help out with the department, dramaturgy or research of just office work, and he told me to apply for theater scholarships, and i did, and i got them…
and after working on ‘one mad day,’ after seeing my play performed, i saw people acting and thought, ‘could i do that?’ and i auditioned for directing class one acts, and apparently was pretty okay…
life is weird.

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