‘ataraxia’ was performed today.

i know that this isn’t big, it’s a little show in a little festival that not many people go to. but people took this little weird child of mine, that i had put… a good bit of myself into, they took it and they made it into something else. they thought it was good enough to do that, to put themselves into it too, to memorize these lines i wrote and try to embody them. this thing that came out of me, they put time into it. it’s a good feeling, for that to happen. to know that someone worked to connect with something of mine – how they did isn’t the issue, as much as that they did it.

tonight i watched them. when i go again, on saturday, i’m going to watch the audience.

the thing about playwriting, that is different from other writing, is that you can’t do it in a vacuum. you can’t do it alone. it’s a game you have to play with other people, face to face.

aaaaand… i haven’t done my spanish homework and i probably won’t until tomorrow during work. oops. but it’s fricking cold all of a sudden and my bed looks warm.

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