So I was recently came across this article on BBCNews:

The tagline is “Hints of time before the Big Bang”; it goes on to say that while the way that we perceive time in this particular universe – moving in only one direction – is a constant within this universe, it is not in other universes, of which there are many and more are beginning all the time.  Entropy and time-moving-in-one-direction are essential to how our universe works; it’s the second law of thermodynamics; but it’s not essential to how all universes work.  So why ours?  What makes us special?  Why do we get continuity? duration? decay? irreversible change? and (here’s where I really start paying attention) narrative?  
Which for some reason made me think of something Kiki had shown me a few years ago.
In the broadest, most general sense, love is, to me, an irreversible reaction to something else.  Positive, negative, happy, violent, physical, whatever – it’s the fact that something else got under your skin, made you move, etc.  Which applies as much to quantum physics as it does to personal relationships.  And because time moves in only one direction in this universe, albeit at different rates at different speeds and so on, that reaction cannot be undone.  Another reaction may follow it that moves in the opposite direction, but that still does not negate the reaction that first occurred.  An egg once broken stays broken.  Or, to put it in a more organic way, something may cut my skin, and despite the fact that due to the cleverness of my body the wound heals, disappears perhaps without even a scar, that does not change the fact that whatever it was still cut me.  I don’t quite know how to explain this, but somehow, very fundamentally to me, love and time and narrative and consciousness and this particular universe are all bound up together.  Maybe it’s Dust, to use Pullman’s vocabulary, or the fruit of knowledge, or whatever.  I don’t know, just thought I’d throw this out there and see what comes back.

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