tired. and sick.
tired of being sick. sick of being tired. blah blah blah permutations.

after the presentation for NA lit, i’m mostly done for the week. i’m free and nothing is hanging over my head. i’ll do my spanish essay this weekend, i’ll do a guest show on KUPS, i’ll go to rehearsals, and i’ll sleep.

reading godfrey hamilton’s play ‘take me with you.’ it’s good, like all of his stuff is good. the bit in ‘road movie’ about the vietnam memorial still breaks me wide open. maybe that’ll be the theme of my radio show – songs that break me open, in a good way. but maybe not – people can’t stand an hour of someone opening themselves up. well, most people.

‘take me with you.’ reminds me of a lyric in my favorite eels song: ‘can you take me where you’re going/ if you’re never coming back?’

trying to not cough. we’ll see how that works. should go back to reading.

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