a list:

– research on commedia dell’arte, vaudeville, slapstick, original marriage of figaro, process of adaptation
– write something to put in a program?
– collect images to make a wall of or something?
– make mix cd of Ben Charest/ Tango Tosca Orchestra for Jac

Native American Literature
– research on Santee Sioux for class presentation (10/2)
– close reading on Dawes Act, Act to provide…, and Charles Eastman
– three reflections on storytelling project

Spanish Theater
– 4-5 pg paper on Don Alvaro o el fuerzo del sino (needless to say, in Spanish) (10/3)

– god knows. more research on Satie/Jeremiah/La Tours/Hamlet?
– maybe actually write something?
– find recording of danses gothiques which no library is willing to lend out, the bitches

Theater, Community, Collaboration
– god knows. watch the daily show/colbert report?

Random Crap
– study abroad questionaire so I can sign up for classes next semester (10/10)
– get kitty a scratching post
– buy herbs
– clean room
– get stitches removed next week?
– guitar?
– pierce something in honor of ataraxia being performed?
– sleep (but not too much)?

I’m only really signed up for 3 academic classes this semester but somehow I’m doing the work for 5. Whoops.

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