"siddhartha," hermann hesse

[in reality, there are so many quotes in this book that has moved my life even though i haven’t read it in years, but the idea of this one keeps popping up.]

He looked around him as if seeing the world for the first time.  The world was beautiful, strange and mysterious.  Here was blue, here was yellow, here was green, sky and river, woods and mountains, all beautiful, all mysterious and enchanting, and in the midst of it, he, Siddhartha, the awakened one, on the way to himself.  All this, all this yellow and blue, river and wood, passed for the first time across Siddhartha’s eyes.  It was no longer the magic of Mara, it was no more the veil of Maya, it was no longer meaningless and the chance diversities of the appearances of the world, despised by deep-thinking Brahmins, who scorned diversity, who sought unity.  River was river, and if the One and Divine in Siddhartha secretly lived in blue and river, it was just the divine art and intention that there should be yellow and blue, there sky and wood – and here Siddhartha.  Meaning and reality were not hidden somewhere behind things, they were in them, in all of them.
How deaf and stupid I have been, he thought, walking on quickly.  When anyone reads anything which he wishes to study, he does not despise the letters and punctuation marks, and call them illusion, chance and worthless shells, but he reads them, he studies and loves them, letter by letter.  But I, who wished to read the book of the world and the book of my own nature, did presume to despise the letters and signs.  I called the world of appearances, illusion.  I called my eyes and tongue, chance.  Now it is over, I have awakened.  I have indeed awakened and have only been born today.

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