more dramaturgy angst

So… school starts in a little over a week, at which point “The Marriage of Figaro” or “A Mad Day!” as Jac is calling it will properly start, and I’m getting scared. I’m getting less and less enthusiastic about (by which I mean, dreading more and more) the script and doing a slapstick comedy in general where the axiom “stupid is funny” reigns supreme. But on the other hand, I know shit about actually doing theater. I’ve expressed my concerns to people who do know what they’re doing, at least more than I do, and reactions have varied from “Jac is crazy and getting crazier” and “it’ll probably come together in rehersals.” At a get-together recently the subject was brought up and I voiced my passionate and slightly intoxicated opinions, then wondered aloud if I should actually bring any of this up to Jac, if it would do anything at all. And other passionate drunk people who were listening to me said “Yes! Do it!” But I’m hesitant.

I’m hesitant about this whole dramaturgy thing anyway, even if by some miracle Jac changes her mind about the script. Most of the people I’ll be working with have practical experience in doing this, and while I’ve done a little through classes, I’ve never been involved in something that actually takes place on, you know, a stage. And I may be hopelessly naive and inexperienced, but I really do believe that dramaturgy is important, that there’s a reason for it. I just don’t know if anyone else will, and as such, if I’ll have anything useful to say or anyone to listen to me say it.

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