Ruth Forman, "Renaissance"

Hand Me Your Palm

i trace a language
fingers touch skin slowly
wander your streams

somethin special bout hands
God gave them for more than picking things up
carved them to remind us
we have a long way to go

travelers we are
who’ve forgotten our packs
stop to build on the first dust heap we find
fill it with rock and wood and glass
breath a spirit through once in a while

what if we were to pack ourselves only
and continue downstream
leave the wood and her sisters behind
what would we take?

My Home Looks for Me

bumping into stalls and buildings
she look for my eyes among all these people

this place will find me
same time I find her
we will meet like friends
who never met but recognized each other
hug deeply
and rest

when I wake I will walk with home in my eyes

it could be today when it happens
it could be today


is in love with someone
not in love with her
someone sings to the sky
someone walk home
rattlesnakes watching from the path
someone walk barefoot with stones
in her throat

he will love me someday I will grow my hair long
I will slim myself slimmer than an idea
I will walk like breath

and that’s what she did
slipped through this world into a ghost
nobody could see
silent woman once in love changed herself
so much
we can no longer find her

No Coast Guard

Your hands blind butterflies
your kiss Indian summer
your body’s length a yawn against mine
wake the monsoons
swift me away
no Coast Guard no life station
just whirlpool
me drowning
with a

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