dream/story impressions

summer 2006? dream from picking Julia up at IWU


is it a woman or a man? trapped in an arena that is also a restaurant with Death, main character known as French or some such thing

scrabbly font, fading, ominous, notations of music and theme

sits down to dinner with blue-eyed French, watches the demons move – crippled things, half-formed, pathetic. speaks unwillingly, but controlled

trapped here? hell? greenish demon with crutches that are growing into its body passes by

low light, shadows in the corners, stale smell

somehow is facing off death – not giving into fear, into despair

another demon wants to talk to mr. french, gets up, offers the demon her chair

leaves the building serenely, not running, walking delicately and precisely and straight into the rest of the world, into heaven?

waiting with her winged horse to be laid in an egg, to be born as something new

cuts in flesh
hints of rust, iron, stains

it’s a short story, some sort of triumph
dream… something that i wrote in a dream, or something that i had written…

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